Lord Kritios of Delphi

Beloved king of Delphi, his history is tightly intertwined with the city's


Lord Kritios ((Back story))

Kritios of Delphi, the first born son of Lord Nicodemus, is well known throughout Panthea but no where is he as praised as in his own kingdom of Delphi. During “The Great Incursion” it was Kritios who brought searched the world for the “Defenders of Delphi”, the greatest warriors Panthea had ever known. It was Prince Kritios’ determination to defending his kingdom and his deadly strategy that turned the tide on the invading drow armies.

While traveling the world for its’ strongest warriors Kritios came across a very unusual woman, a beautiful woman with emerald green eyes. Her name was Claudia and when Kritios first laid his eyes upon her she was in a slave auction. Kritios was in awe of Claudia and purchased her contract immediately, only to then set her free. He only asked that she travel with him as his companion, entranced with his allure she agreed and it wasn’t long before the two fell deeply in love with one another.

Lord Kritios of Delphi

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