Darius of Delphi


p<. Darius of Delphi ((Back story))

p<. The true first born son of the Lord Kritios, Darius is actually born a half elf, gaining human traits from his mother (Claudia) who had accidently passed through “The Dimensional Gateway”, and found herself in the “Panthea” (the name of the Greek world). Darius though, was actually raised in an orphanage due to his mother’s death during childbirth, thus he did not know of his royal lineage until his 10th birthday when a member of the orphanage bestowed upon Darius a royal pendent. She explained to Darius that shortly after his birth she tried to go to the king with the information of a new baby born to the house of Delphi. The king turned her away, not believing her claim; little did he know that the child was indeed the first born child of Prince Kritios. Darius left the orphanage that night and made his way towards the city of Delphi to claim his rightful place, at Lord Kritios’ side.

p<. Life for Darius was never easy due to his unusual appearance. His eyes were not as almond shaped as the others, in fact they were much rounder and most peculiar of all was that they were green; a color almost unheard of among the elven nations. It was this feature that brought him the most ridicule as a child, but proved his heritage once he came before the Lord. Darius had made many attempts to see his father, but most were met with a forceful expulsion from the royal house; it was the centaur Myron that first recognized Darius for the strange breed that he was after catching him trying to sneak onto the grounds again. Myron brought the emerald eyed boy to Lord Kritios who saw his beloved Claudia in the boy’s eye, this along with the pendent that hung around Darius’ neck; which was a gift to Claudia from Kritios. From that day on Darius lived a life befitting of his bloodline, though he never received the respect that his blood demanded. The Democracy that was the backbone of the city’s government rejected Darius’ half blood, and decreed that Darius would not be the heir to the throne and that Aeneas (Kritios’ 2nd born son) would instead take the title of Lord from Kritios’ after his death or retirement. Kritios never saw Darius as the rest of the people did. Darius was deeply loved and always cared for by the king, even Myron showed favor to him. The people never accepted Darius as their prince and their prejudice turned sour in his stomach, Darius never joined the Elite Guard as his brothers did and his father before him, though he did receive much private training from fighters all over the world, a Defender of Delphi, Myron. Darius grew up to become a stronger fighter, but very much a spoiled brat who never received punishment for his actions. Currently Darius lives the life of a playboy; his brash actions still come with no consequences. He has done much adventuring and travel, but has achieved very little for the good of his father’s people.

Darius of Delphi

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